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Relaxation pure

01. Generationen inspirieren


Give yourself the most beautiful moments every day and bathe your body, soul and spirit in inner harmony.

Consonance is harmony! My hands feel what is good for you. Every massage grip is a pure experience for your senses. In rhythmic unison you will be led into the realm of harmony.

We need touch, but most of all we need a conscious touch, a moment where someone connects with us skin to skin and is aware that this is happening.

02. our service


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The search for a special treat has led you to the site. There is an extensive selection of erotic massages that appeal to body and soul at the same time.

Many offers are based on the ancient Indian doctrine of karma, which is both "name and principle" for the massage studios. The eponymous karma massage was developed centuries ago. You can only get an original Karma massage in the best studios.

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Lingam massage

The lingam massage is a sensitive and at the same time intensive pampering of the intimate area for connoisseurs. Special massage grips trigger an amazing variety of sensations!

It is possible to book a pure lingam massage without a body massage or to pre-order longer treatments as a conclusion.

Article 3

Nuru massage

Emotional pampering of the special class

A very special kind of erotic massage:

The slippery Nuru massage is an ecstasy full of erotic massage, in which you are massaged with a large amount of warm Nuru gel, body-to-body. Due to the good gliding properties, the gel is particularly suitable for intensive body-to-body massages.

Article 4

Spanish massage

The Spanish massage relies on complete relaxation and passionate eroticism. In a pleasant ambience, the beautiful masseuse will take a lot of time for you and present her attractive body to you

Relaxation and erotic combined

The Spanish massage is the right choice for connoisseurs. Feel a pleasant shiver running through you with every single touch.

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Combi program

The massage types mentioned above can of course be combined with one another as desired. An extensive massage program lasting 2-3 hours is also possible, with one masseuse or with all masseuses one after the other. Just talk to us.

This is only an excerpt of the possible applications. Please ask the lady in the studio in advance, without obligation, whether your favorite massage is offered. Each masseuse has developed her own unique pampering program and style, tailored to the guest's personal ability, needs and preferences. However, since the ladies cannot read minds, it is advisable to personally explain special requests such as foot, head, face massage, prostate massage, Greek, breast eroticism, hot stone or similar before the massage.

03. What we do best


Feelings, characteristics, thoughts or preferences
Discretion & cleanliness
Friendly & punctuality.

The soul is in love with joy. You can never get enough of her either. Give yourself a break – the good feeling increases your joie de vivre.

― AT - BO

05. Let's Talk


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